Here at Stardust Blogs, we empower would-be bloggers and website owners by giving them an incredible outlet for sharing their thoughts, ideas, creative endeavors, and products.

How do we do it, you ask? By being your easy-peasy, one-stop-shop for building the website of your dreams—one that gives you the platform you desire, whether you’re looking to move into an online career or simply start up the blog you’ve always wanted.

Through fun, creativity, freedom, and passion, we can deliver anything and everything you need for your website, specifically tailoring the looks and functionality to your heart’s desire (i.e., “cookie cutter” is not in our vocabulary).

With a fabulous website for your readers, followers, and/or clientele to peruse, the possibilities are endless… and with Stardust Blogs on your side, your fabulous website can change your life.

Before we begin working on your blog, we'll need you to provide us with some ingredients. We'll set you up with a discovery survey to guide your thoughts and we'll create a shared mood board to guide our design process. We'll also give you a copy worksheet so you can plan how to tell your story, and photo guidelines so your blog can be out of this world. 


You grab a coffee, we grab a coffee, and we hop on a video call to discuss your discovery survey and make a plan for your new blog and branding. We'll discuss the elements on your mood board, as well as review the discovery survey, then we'll talk about what makes you you.


We take those meeting notes and connect the dots to make vision meet reality. We get to work designing your new blog and your snazzy new look. We'll check in with updates and questions at the end of each day. We'll also review and discuss design direction and offer helpful tips.



We begin preliminary design based on our communication. We begin talking through the design, and you have an early chance choose one of our top three options for direction. While we continue to build your site, you'll be working on editing or creating copy, getting photos ready, and finalizing your first blog posts.  



The stars begin to align and we put the pieces together to create your brand: logo, typography, colors, and graphic elements that can be appropriated in web design to make your future blog shine.



On the final day of our design process, we'll discuss final edits, upload your first blog posts, then launch your new blog. We'll also show you how to navigate Squarespace so you can use it with ease. We tweak our collaborative design one last time and put the finishing touches on the new you!